Patrice MacFeeley Brancaleone

There were 8 of us kids – 135 Magnolia Ave and 142 Magnolia Ave. We were interchangeable. Where we slept or ate didn’t matter.  Mrs. Mac and Mrs. Lowe were the moms to us all. Jan was the oldest and then me. Bill  a month younger, my sister Pat, Jan and Bill’s brother Angus and their sister Patrice. A few years later, my brother Kevin and their brother Alan came along. We were a motley crew who fought like siblings and loved like family. Our parents Fran and Ed (Pee-Wee) Lowe and Ruth and Jim MacFeeley were best of friends. When my dad got sick, we Lowe kids were shipped across the street to stay til Dad got better. And we all switched homes when the measles hit the neighborhood. We were the MacFeeley/Lowe clan. My heart is heavy this morning. Bill called last night to say that Patrice had passed away. She would have been 60 in November. The 8 are now 7. We will miss you, Patrice.  Family-It’s all about the love.

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